About Us

Glenda's Candle Gifts is the new brand name of what was known in 2004 as Glenda’s Candle Scents. Starting with our specialist candle shop in Echuca in 2004 and the second specialist Candle shop in Healesville in 2011.

Our long time Manager Barb purchased our Echuca store in 2015 and we still work hand in hand to bring the best candle products to our customers world wide.

Our Candle Gifts Adventure

In recent years we have increased our growing range of speciality gifts, luxury all natural and new perfume soaps, beautiful body products and of course the ever growing fragrances in candles, melts, room sprays and more so we added the word gifts to our name.

It’s still Glenda, we are still fully Australian family owned, passionate about quality, value and sustainability and now we are even more online focused, to give you a greater shopping experience and better online offers.

So if you are looking for great online candle products, new fragrances, great online gifts, men’s products, gifts for special occasions, or room fragrances to transform a mood then browse the website or drop in and see us today.