Aquiesse specialises in home fragrance products of exceptional quality, and they get their inspiration from the scents of nature. They devote a great deal of attention to the environmental friendliness of their products, and they utilise renewable and organic resources in their production process. Founder and Fragrancier of Aquiesse, Michael Joseph Horn, has created a fragrance portfolio that encourages people to relax, dream and enjoy life.

Candles from Aquiesse are formulated from pure, natural wax that comes from coconuts, soy beans, and essential oils and extracts. Only lead-free wicks are used in the candles, resulting in a clean burn every time. Crafted by skilled artisans, these candles are strikingly packaged and come in gorgeous smoky glass holders. Fragrances range from languorously aquatic to freshly floral to wonderfully woody. Aquiesse candles are the ultimate in luxurious indulgence, and their exquisite scents linger and drift around the home, adding a little magic.